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"In the 60's David Bailey caught the people, music and the fashion. When people look back in 10 / 20 years time it will be to the work of Shirlaine Forrest!"

Davide Firmager, Editor Disorder Magazine


"Shirlaine consistently produces images of uncompromising quality. I always look forward to getting work from her!"

Kerstin Twachtmann, Picture Editor Disorder Magazine


"Imaginative, reliable and some of the best shot composition I've seen."
Jon Ford, Editor XFM


"Shirlaine is not only immensely professional, reliable and respected as a photographer, she is also an expert at putting her subjects (whether artists or fans) at ease in front of the camera. Her infectious sense of fun, constant smile and enthusiasm are a real asset to our events and set exactly the right tone for fans enjoying the exciting experience of meeting their favourite artist(s). Shirlaine's photos are instantly recognisable and serve to bolster the distinctness of the in-store experiences hmv and Fopp offer our customers."
Laura Thomas, Events & PR Planner, hmv and Fopp


"Shirlaine is a marvellous wonder to work with, highly professional, efficient and extremely lovely with it! I look forward to working with her again."
Helen Rochfort Designer


"Browsing her incredible portfolio makes you instinctively understand that this photographer throws herself into her work with great gusto. Shirlaine has an unusual talent: she can capture a singular live moment or artificially construct one, both with absolute perfection."



"Working with Shirlaine has been nothing but a joy. She consistently comes up with amazing and unique pictures, but more than that, her work ethic and own high standards mean that those shots are always delivered on time (and usually earlier than expected). She can easily cope with vague briefs and the ever-changing demands of picky editors and still comes up with the killer photo time and time again. Put simply, she's a star."
Chris Long, Editor BBC Manchester


"It's hard to find the superlatives that do justice to Shirlaine's awesome talent. I'm regularly left agog at how she consistently captures such breathtaking shots of bands. Genius is truly an understatement. Not only is Shirlaine an incredible photographer, but she's also a top, top lass!"
Scott Colothan, Editor Gigwise


"Shirlaine is a complete pleasure to work with. She gets the job done without fuss and most importantly, always provides exceptional photography. Absolute star!"
Vicky Dearman, Assignment Editor Getty Images / Wire Image


"Look shit?  Want not to?  Call Shirlaine!  Shirlaine's considerable talent is easily matched by her relaxing, warm and friendly demeanor with which she creates a comfortable and relaxed environment to shoot in, an ability sadly lacking in far too many photographers. She is a people person who's sense of humour and natural social skills make working with her a real pleasure. Her pictures speak for themselves but it's her personality that has people coming back to work with her again and again. She's our new favourite photographer in England."
Ginger, The Wildhearts


"MRD always have so much fun when Shirlaine is shooting and her top-notch images are a real asset to us. As a fast-paced sports team, having someone who is so enthusiastic yet professional is invaluable. Thanks, Shirlaine!"
Manchester Roller Derby


"I think Shirlaine’s portfolio speaks for itself. We employ her because she captures sometimes the uncatchable and racks up such iconic images."
Phil Kielty, Manager Adlib Audio Ltd


"Shirlaine is an amazing photographer whose professionalism shows in her work! The whole cast at The Birdcage enjoyed working with Shirlaine; she made each and every one feel comfortable, relaxed and brought fun to the shoot! We all look forward to working with Shirlaine again!"
Maria Merlini, Marketing and Events Manager The Birdcage


"I have worked with many photographers in my career, but I have never met a more passionately inspired artist, such as Shirlaine, when she has an idea for a shoot, she gets consumed with the visual imagery of the concept. Her signature style is capturing so much of life and emotion in a capsule."
Andrea Perry-Bevan Make Up Artist


"Shirlaine’s style stands alone. A kaleidoscope of colour and awesome lighting are the ingredients that truly set her apart. Shirlaine is not just an absolute gem and a unique talent, she is in fact a genuinely lovely lass! She has oodles of enthusiasm and such a lovely warmth about her. Always encouraging and open to ideas. I relish her direction on shoots; she always inspires and knows exactly what she wants. I love the way she looks after and truly appreciates everyone on her crew. Her work speaks for itself; she is the one photographer I re-arrange my diary for!... a 21st Century-Super tog...."
Emma Fairfield Make Up Artist


"Shirlaine is not only one of the most talented photographers in the industry; she is also one of the most genuine and down to earth. A combination of these qualities not only makes her an absolute privilege to work with, but also enables her to create true visual masterpieces. Words cannot do Shirlaines work justice. This is because her shots are simply perfection…. and then some."
Deborah Lawson Make Up Artist


"More than any other photographer we've worked closely with, Shirlaine consistently captures the energy and spirit of our gigs, and always seems to find those unique shots that other photographers miss."
Stuart Ogilvie, The Longcut


"Shirlaine and her pictures are outstanding. At gigs she captures these beautiful images and somehow every time it just looks a million times better than you can remember. Her live shots are that good they look as if she's told everyone where to stand and how to pose, then got hair, make up and an art department in! On controlled shoots Shirlaine makes work seem like play: everyone loves her, trusts her, listens to her, and responds to her direction. You know that she knows exactly what she's doing. Her photography is always never less than inspiring. Shirlaine's a true artist, she's a shining star in the rock 'n'roll circus, and she's a friend - photographers can't come any better!"
Andrew Hirst, Manager, International One


"It's daring and unthinkable for most publications to use highly tattooed models with piercings and vibrant hair but photographer Shirlaine Forrest took it upon herself to take a chance on a new agency that represented alternative models. Shirlaine had the vision and the confidence to use our agency for an ambitious shoot. Our models are usually considered outsiders in the fashion world so it was unexpected for us to be asked to take part in our first fashion spread for 'Chimp Magazine'. The models feedback was that Shirlaine was friendly, easy to work with and made the shoot fun. She new exactly what she wanted and knew how to achieve it but she also encouraged the models and MUA's to give their input so we all got the results we needed. The models really enjoyed the day and would love the chance to work with her again! Thank you for such outstanding images and giving us this opportunity Shirlaine!"
Sapphira Chattan, MD and Casting Director Spirit Model Management


"Shirlaine is just the best, worked with quite a few photographers in our time but she just knows how to make a good shot. Especially in the live situation, waiting waiting waiting .... got it. Never before have so few clicks of the camera caught so many classic moments. Every shot thought about and timed to perfection. Most photographers just keep clicking and clicking even getting in the way of the action, 'if I take enough shots one will be good', not this girl, she's pure gold, getting that perfect picture time and time again. Genius."
Ross Matheson, Gear


"Shirlaine actually made us look good…The woman’s a genius!"
Terry Dunn, Man Made Noise


"Yes!!!! Mrs Forrest has to be the very very bestest photographer I have ever worked with. I use her now for all my important work as she takes the most ace, fantastic and top pictures, and she doesn't even need to drop the film off at the chemist! She has done all the official photos for my "Frank's World" animation taking both the dvd cover and label shots and loads of production and advertising photos too. She did both photos for my last runs of t-shirts and always in every photo, I always look the same youthful me! I don't know how she does it!!! She is a wonderfully artistic photographer. p.s. She also does nice pictures of other people too."
Frank Sidebottom


"I've never written feedback on another photographer, I mean it's like having a rival chip shop and saying 'oh aye, they fry beautifully over there'...But...Not only is Shirlaine an awesome photographer, but quite simply she is professional, friendly and trustworthy...Hey, can i have my £20 now?"
Danny North Photographer. He's the 2nd best dogs b*ll*cks after Shirlaine

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